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Las Cruces and its surrounding cities are growing rapidly and with more people comes more personal responsibility for your safety. In New Mexico, we are away from our home constantly due to the comfortable weather.

Protect your loved ones and personal possessions with a Free new home alarm security system.

Professionally installed, your new system will monitor your doors and windows, detect intrusion with motion detectors, and respond to threat with 24/7 monitoring.

You monitoring company will ensure your home is constantly being guarded against breaking and entering and trespassing.


Free NM Home Alarm

Steps To Staying Safe

1. Locate weaknesses in your homes defense. Narrow side yards, back yard windows, and sliding doors can be entry points for would be burglars.

2. Consult with an industry professional about your options in a home security system. They can provide you with all the information available on hardwired and wireless residential alarm systems.

3. Schedule an appointment with an alarm installation specialist to get your home safe and secure. Monitoring will begin almost instantly to guard your home when you are away.

4. Once your Free new alarm is installed, be sure to use it consistently. Home and Away settings can keep you safe at all times.

Secure your home with an alarm system including door sensors, window shatter sensors, motion detectors, a centralized keypad, and around the clock security system monitoring.

With purchase of a monitoring alarm package you can feel safe knowing that you are protected by your new custom home alarm security system with professional security and relief specialists.

To set up an appointment to get your new alarm installed please contact us by filling out a request form. Your request for a free new New Mexico home alarm will be checked and responded to promptly to get your home safe A.S.A.P.

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Hardwired Alarms Vs. Wireless Alarm Systems

A hardwired security system will function the same as a Wireless security system just with less mobility in arranging the sensors and keypads. Hardwired systems typically cost less than wireless. Find out more details about home security systems.

Alarm System Hardware

Door Sensors- Sensors are programmable with a setting to create a chime when a door is opened and to detect when a door is breached when home alarm is set as active.

Window Sensors- Shatter detection is key to protecting your home. Windows ar

e the most vulnerable area of your home. With shatter detection your system will sound alarm in the event of a broken window and contact your monitoring company to get a professional safety specialist on the phone quickly.

Keypad- Your keypad is the operating center of the security system. You can set your system for various scenarios and monitor doors and window to ensure they are securely fastened shut. You personalized security code will enable and disable key functions to keeping you safe.

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